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October 11, 2015

STOP! Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Let’s talk about the new Buzzfeed video that I am featured in.  I was initially very reluctant to participate in this project but I decided to go for it and now I’m a little bummed on the outcome, but looking at it as more of an opportunity to cover this subject.  Ochi’s initial reactions seem great and then as the days go on she claims feeling jittery and wired.  This can happen, I state it clearly on my suggested dosage card.  I am always very clear with my clients that the capsules can make you feel jittery or wired, and that if you do get this feeling that it is a sign that you’re taking too many capsules and you need to lower your dosage.  I even clearly state that I do not recommend taking them just before a nap or any later that 6pm.  I have clients that need more than the suggested dosage and some clients who do best with one capsule a day.  Everybody is different and you need to listen to your body to find that perfect balance for you.  So yes, Ochi’s response may seem less than optimal and may send someone who was on the fence about trying this running for the hills, but I suggest asking friends who have done it what their response was.  Take a look at some of my testimonials on my website and Yelp reviews.  I have worked with well over three thousand clients (need to count again) and many have come back to me for a second, third and now one client will soon be coming back for a fourth time!

Here is what the gorgeous Ione Skye Lee had to say about her experience.  “I felt terrific physically and emotionally from taking the placenta pills right after my baby was born.  I had heard of this before, it made sense but seemed too out there for me. I didn’t want to eat my placenta in a sandwich on a plate.  When I met Sara – who for someone who is doing something far outside the mainstream, she was surprisingly “normal” and I could relate to her.  I learned she put the placenta in pill form.  That I could do.  With my first child I didn’t ingest my placenta.  I was more weak and fragile physically and emotionally.  When I took the placenta pills after my second birth I felt a big difference.  Of course I had a natural elation and deflation for a few days but I felt like a superwoman. It was an easy process, the hospital, Cedars Sinai had heard of this and were helpful. I wish I had more!” -Ione Skye Lee

And Tamara, “I became very interested in placenta encapsulation when I heard of all the benefits it could have.  My sister had milk supply issues and my best friend had horrible postpartum, so I thought I would be pro-active and give it a try.  I met Sara at a parenting class and what I was most impressed was how “normal” she was.  Then I was recommended to her by my acupuncturist and I was sold.  The whole process was simple as I didn’t even know it happened.  I took the recommended dosage and I don’t know if I am really a lucky person or it was the placenta but I have had plenty of milk supply, and zero depression.  I definitely recommend encapsulating your placenta to all pregnant women and Sara is the woman to do it.  And to top it all off, she gives the best massage ever!” -Tamara

And Natalie, “The capsules have been great, I am just finishing them up! I have felt wonderful so I am guessing they did the trick. I was very worried because I do suffer from depression and was concerned about post-partum, but I have been very even keel and happy. Thank you so much! I will certainly pass your info on and use you again for our next pregnancy!” -Natalie

As far as the capsules starting to have and odor and taste, yep, that is normal.  That will go away by storing them in the freezer after the first couple weeks of initial use.  I’m not in any way trying to take away or belittle Ochi’s response to her capsules, but I sure wish she would have reached out as encouraged to work on getting the right dosage down for her body and her particular needs.  Again, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater and if you’re interested in trying this, do it! I can’t tell you how many times I have heard women tell me that they had decided against it only to wish later that they had done it.  You can’t go back once you decide not to do it, but even if you do it and only take those capsules now and again to get you through some rough times it is worth it.


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