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May 28, 2008

Pre-Natal Massage & Post-Natal Massage

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Pre-Natal Massage
~Recommended for women in all stages of pregnancy~

• Increases circulation
• Reduces swelling
• Balances energy
• Relief of insomnia and shortness of breath
• Relief of muscle tension in neck, shoulders, back and legs
• Relief of low back, hip and sciatica pain
• Helps in reducing stretch marks

Combines Swedish Massage in supine and side postures. Relieving stress and anxiety, intending to lead to an easier labor and post-partum recovery. Specialty oil blends made from certified organic and sustainably harvested essential oils by Floracopeia are used specifically to help in reducing stretch marks on the abdomen area, as well as water retention and swelling in the legs.

Post-Natal Massage
~When Mommy is relaxed and replenished, baby too feels calm and nourished~

• Benefits both child and mother by relaxing and nourishing
• Replenishes mother’s energy spent during labor
• Helps to peed recovery process

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